Steak Aged In A Log Of Butter

Chef Ages His Steaks In Logs Of Butter

Yep…you heard that right.

A trendy first class respected chef in Denmark at the Marienlyst Strandhotel is using his unique method to age his beef in butter.

After Chef Casper Stuhe Sobcyk (instagram) prepares the meat he then submerges the cut into a bath of softened butter and then allows it to rest and age for a specified time that meets his requirements. Chef Casper states that he leaves the meat ageing for at least 30 days. The meat is in-cased in a thick coat of butter and has an appearance of a large yellow cocoon.  Continue reading →

Organic, Grass Fed, Hormone Free-does this make red meat any healthier?

I read this article on my ABC Australia app and I think it is very worthy of spreading to extend a little more knowledge on the meat industry that I love so much. I hope you enjoy and feel free to follow the links for further information to help you make that informed decision when purchasing your meats.
By Leah Dowling and Louise Dunn
So much choice, but the difference in hormone levels between hormone-fed and hormone-free beef is small. (Photo Daniel Fitzgerald)


Red meat is an excellent source of protein and essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fats, which are linked to heart and brain health. Continue reading →

Wood Smoking For Meats

Using Wood For Smoking Meats

A unique but not new way to bringing out the robust flavours of our meats is by smoking. It is important to select the best meat smoker and deciding which fuel option, charcoal, electric or gas, works best for you. Smokers are fuelled by various methods by either propane gas, electricity or traditional charcoal briquettes. Any of these fuels in turn, heats wood and generates the desired smoke.

The amazing flavouring results from smoking are revealed with the wood types and wood size selections that are available in the market place. Continue reading →

Gourmet Ketchup Sauces Recipe Ideas

Gourmet Ketchup Sauces To Tantalise Your Taste Buds

Ketchup, ketchup, ketchup…. my must have condiment when ever I have my meat. My wife tells me that I would die without it…I just love it.

Just because of Summer, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy ketchup at any time. I know, because I do. Burgers, hot dogs, and steaks are great with this top-selling condiment, it’s actually No. 3 in the US, after mayo and salsa, and well used everywhere in the world. In Australia there have been many a debate at dinner tables and bbqs alike as to what we actually call it…Tomato Ketchup or Tomato Sauce…Whatever the preference, it is never far from the table at any time.  Continue reading →

Water Buffalo Meat – Lean And Healthy

Water Buffalo Meat – Another Healthy Protein

There are four major uses for Water Buffalo worldwide: meat, milk, other by-products such as hides and horns, and as draught animals in certain countries. I will be focusing on the meat side and briefly explain the health benefits that this animal brings to the table as  a meat protein source.

Being a very lean meat, in the nutrition industry, Water Buffalo meat  is known for its nutritional qualities. It has been discovered, according to a study performed by the Food Technology Institute of the INTA Castelar, for having higher levels of Omega 3, a fatty acid that is commonly found in marine and plant oils which is a polyunsaturated fat that is known to lower triglycerides in our bodies. Because of its nutritional qualities many health conscious consumers are looking for foods where fat and cholesterol can be be avoided or reduced. Continue reading →

How To Butterfly A Lamb Leg

How To De-Bone And ButterflyA Leg Of Lamb

Opening up a lamb leg so that it is flat, is just another mastery technique that butchers use to create what’s called a Butterflied Lamb Leg. With a flattish piece of lamb we can get marinades to infuse into the meat muscles better and just create another fine gourmet dish and meal.

Once the boning is mastered it is just a matter of finding marinades to experiment with and develop tasty meals for any occasion.

I have added images with step by step instructions on boning and butterflying your own leg of lamb. All you need is a good sharp knife and a steady cutting board and you’re away. I suggest reading the whole instructions first and then tackle the task. Continue reading →

Sous Vide Cooking With Anova Culinary Precision Cooker

Sous Vide Cooking 

If you’re not familiar with sous vide, it’s a cooking method that suspends a plastic bag with sealed ingredients into a water bath that’s held at a precise temperature. This great appliance called, The Anova Precision Cooker heats the water to your set temperature and then circulates the water for an even cooking process. The food gradually gets brought up to the exact desired temperature, and eliminates the risk of overcooking.

Sous vide has been a long time cooking method by professional chefs and high-end restaurants, using full-sized water bath units that typically cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, at the very least. That’s why foodies have been excited over products like the Anova, which finally bring sous vide cooking to you at home in your own kitchen.

Sous Vide is certainly not new, but to be able to do it at home is like a new generational slow cooking without so much mess that gives a consistent finished product every time. Continue reading →

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker, 725 Square Inch

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker, 725 Square Inch

Char-Broil is, of course, one of the leading names in outdoor cooking and they have been able to produce some innovative products. This model, part of a large line of electric refrigerator style smokers with digital controls and an insulated construction that promises to make it easy to use and efficient.

For the price this smoker has good capacity and a great line of features and in my opinion, it’s very good investment for the smoker chef. The smoke flavours are light and delicate giving a subtle taste to your finished product.
Continue reading →

Cajun Chicken Breast Steak – With A Twist

Cajun Chicken Breast Steak – With A Twist

My wife loves to use Cajun seasoning in her cooking and the one that we use doesn’t actually have that spicy bite to it. I have prepared a Cajun chicken breast steak recipe with a bit of twist, and I’m sure you are going to love my idea of how you can serve it up as an appetiser.

Again, I use my McCormick Grill Mates Marinade as a seasoning base, as you all know by now that I am a big fan of their seasonings. Right, so here we go… Continue reading →

Brahman Bull Sells For $325,000-New Australian Record

Brahman Bull Sells For $325,000-New Australian Record

Now that’s a lot of bull right there…

NCC Justifies 2017

A Grey Brahman Bull bred by Brett Nobbs at his property Inverrio, 100 kilometers west of Rockhampton, Queensland Australia was sold at auction on the property for an Australian all breed record of $325,000.

There were many farmers and breeders that attended the sale with a high quality selection of stub Brahman animals on display but when Lot 37 came into the ring there were 2 remaining stud farmer breeders locked in a bidding battle for the highly prized 2 year old bull, NCC Justified. Continue reading →