F. Dick Ergogrip Butcher Knife Gift Set

F. Dick Ergogrip Butcher Knife Gift Set

I was asked the other day about what quality Butchers Knifes set would make a great gift for Christmas, so I suggested taking a look at my Best Butchers Knives Choices article on the knives that I used and still use, but I also went on to Amazon to check out some other brands as well.

I came across an old brand called F.Dick and remembered that my very first sharpening steel was an F.Dick. It was one with a wooden handle and I don’t think there are many companies that make butchering items with wooden handles anymore. I don’t have it anymore because we had our butcher shop broken into and the thieves stole all of our knives and my prized steel. I bought another F.Dick but only plastic handle items were available.

Anyway, back to the knife set. F.Dick is a very good quality brand from Germany and is one of the oldest and most respected names in commercial knife manufacturing. Many butchers and chefs use them all over the world.

Currently priced at $194. 89 for a six piece set, the F.Dick set that I came across on Amazon is a 5 knife set plus a steel. That is great value.

F. Dick Ergogrip Knives Gift Set Include:

  • 10″ cimeter or steak slicing knife
  • 8″ breaking dicing knife,
  • 6″ boning knife,
  • 5″ boning knife
  • 4″ boning knife.
  • Also included is a 10″ Fine Cut Packinghouse Steel from F. Dick.

They are designed and manufactured with ergonomic grip handles for fatigue free working so your hand and arm won’t tire easily. The blades are specially tempered stainless steel for edge retention so the knives stays sharper longer.

The variety of boning knife sizes are great as you can use switch out the different knives depending on what meat you are cutting. Small products like chicken are better boned with the smaller bladed knives as you are able to get around the smaller bones easier. For dicing slicing or cubing into larger chunks or beef, lamb, pork or hunted game meat. The longer blades are better. They slice through greater volume of meat and get the job done faster as well.

Check them out on Amazon and they would make a great gift for anyone that is keen on butchering, hunting or fishing.

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