US Wellness Meats Gift Cards

US Wellness Meats was founded in 2000 in Monticello, Missouri (pop. 98) by visionary farmers, who saw that big-business cattle-raising practices were taking a toll on our animals and our health. By returning to rotational grazing practices that are good for the planet and good for the cattle,  leading the way in introducing a new generation to the unmatched taste, tenderness, and healthiness of grass-fed beef.

They now have available a great selection of Gift E-Cards that you can use to hand out to someone dear to you that loves to get their teeth in healthy, hearty and delicious tasty meats. They will surely appreciate it…

Be sure to visit their online store for some great outstanding meat varieties like Beef, Lamb, Pork, Goat, Poultry, Rabbit, Bison, Elk, Venison, Sausage, Jerky and many other Gourmet Products…

For the Gift Cards, simply click your desired option to order and follow the instructions.


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