Venison Carcass Breakdown Preparation

Venison Carcass Breakdown By The Bearded Butchers

Below I have added a video of Seth and Scott Perkins, the Bearded Butchers from Creston Ohio, breaking down, portioning and slicing a whole Deer carcass. These guys have a thriving butchering business where they supply the finest quality meats to their customers from a variety of meat types. They slaughter the stock themselves, cut and prepare for their customers and they also have their own brand of Bearded Butchers Spice Blend that home delivers across the states and internationally.

They have kindly given me permission to share their video and I strongly implore that you give their sites Bearded Butchers Spice Blends and White Feather Meats a visit and try out the fine products. They are real butchers providing quality products to meat lovers.

Venison Carcass Breakdown…

Enjoy the video and excellently presented by Seth and Scott. They explain perfectly on where to cut the joints and on how to use various holding, cutting and slicing techniques to make the whole job easier and also get the most out of the deer with minimal waste. They explain which cuts can be used for various cooking methods and show how you can make sausages with the left over meat trimmings with their own spice blend seasoning. The video goes for just over an hour as it is in depth so get yourself set up comfortably and enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed the video and I have added a few links for some of the machinery they have used to make the breakdown cutting easier for your next cutting adventure. Here’s the Bearded Butcher YouTube Channel for other great videos.

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For a Venison cuts chart visit here where you can see the cuts that Seth and Scott talk about and prepare.

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I hope you enjoyed Seth and Scotts video and it helped you with working out how to breakdown and cut a deer. Getting the most out of your carcass is key to not only wasting nothing but also saving money when going for the bulk purchase.

Cheers John

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