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Chicken Cuts Chart Linkchicken

Chicken meat is the most popular meat in the World and the most consumed. The meat is cost effective and most countries are able to afford to feed their families with chicken. Consumers are trending towards Free Range or Organic grown chicken as people are wanting healthier produced chicken meat.

venisoVenison Cuts Chart Link

Venison is becoming more and more popular throughout the World. It is healthy, low in cholesterol and lean meat with a superb flavour and texture. Venison Steaks and Venison fillets are rich and filling and the darkness after cooked looks very impressive when served with bright green vegetables. The colour contrast is attractive when plated.

Ostrich Cuts Chart Linkostrich

Ostrich Meat is a red meat that is low in fat and can be used in any traditional red meat recipe to produce great tasting dishes. The proportion of fat is an unsaturated fat when compared to other sources of meat protein. Ostrich meat is not only very flavoursome, which is surprising considering how very lean the meat is. Ostrich is sold in Ostrich Steak/Fillet, Ostrich burgers and Ostrich Roasts.

Camel Cuts Chart Link

Low in cholecamelsterol and high in protein, camel meat is similar in taste and texture to beef. Mos Camel meat is processed from free range, chemical free livestock making it a completely natural product. Camel Meat is widely consumed in The Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and now readily available in USA.

Kangaroo Cuts Chart Linkkangaroo-meat

Kangaroo meat is dark red in colour. It has a very strong game meats taste. The meat has become popular is gourmet
style restaurants and gourmet style butcher shops. Customers are attracted to the leanness of the meat and is low in cholesterol and fat and high in protein and minerals. It is considered one of the finest game meats.

Crocodile Cuts Chart Link

I have an artilce on Crocodile and Alligator meat with great information on  nutrional and health benefits. There are explainations on the cut primals and some recipes as well.

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  1. Simonious Alexander Caesar says:

    Hi John, I’m in New Zealand and I’d love to buy the Venison Meat Chart that you show on this page. Do you sell the charts?

    • John says:

      Hi there, thanks for visiting my site. Unfortunately I don’t have meat charts for selling. I did a quick search to try and find where you could buy any and it was pretty hard to find. Perhaps you could try the Venison Breeders Association there in NZ. They may have a psoter or point you in the right direction. I can’t remember where I found the one on my site but it is a great poster. Sorry couldn’t help you.

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