Beef Ribs vs Pork Ribs Cut And Cook Demo By The Bearded Butchers

Beef Rib and Pork Ribs Cutting Styles

Beef Ribs Vs Pork Ribs

Seth and Scott, the Bearded Butchers, have decided to explain the differences and similarities between the tasty and popular meat cuts that come from the rib section of the animals. They’ve put together a great video firstly showing where the beef and pork ribs are on the carcasses and how they are cut down and prepared the way you see them ready for purchase and cooking in your butchers.

They go through explaining and showing how different styles of cutting preparation can produce different items from the same first primal piece of meat. Seth does a side by side comparison of beef ribs and pork ribs showing that they are similar but have their own differences because of size and textures. The guys go all the way and perform a full on cooking demo with their friend Dan using their own Bearded Butcher Spice Blends, showing their techniques on how to deliver an incredible tasty cooked end product.

I take my hat off to these guys and have a lot of respect for them as they aim to educate people on where the meat comes from so that everyone has a better understanding of what it takes to produce the items we consume. I thank them again for kindly giving me permission to share their video and I strongly implore that you give their sites Bearded Butchers Spice Blends and White Feather Meats a visit and try out their fine products. They are real butchers providing quality products with educating to meat lovers.

Ribs (What’s the Difference?) Pork Ribs vs Beef Ribs Cut and Cook

The video goes for about one and a half hours with the cutting and comparison explanation finishing around the 40min mark, and the cooking prep and tasting right to the end. The filming was done over quite a few days and hours and then condensed down.

Below the video are links to some products they used and visit their website for more great meat cutting and cooking info. Enjoy.

Bearded Butcher Spice Blends

Traeger 885 Ironwood Grill

Traeger Amazon Store

Weston Butcher Bone Hand Saw

KWS Electric Meat Saw

Victorinox Butchers Knives

Rapicca BBQ Grill Gloves

I hope you enjoyed Seth, Scott and Dans video and learnt a little about beef ribs and pork ribs. Watching these guys brought back some fond memories for me and inspired me to go out and get some ribs for a feasting. Leave a comment of your rib recipes to share.

Cheers John

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