American Bonein Ribeye By Matt Ona

Matt Ona American Bonein Ribeye

My friend Matt Ona, whom I was lucky to have met in Shanghai many years ago, has developed his own video series of how he prepares his culinary exquisite meals. His series is called The Cut Concepts in China, Taste Map 5.0… where he shares his knowledge on the foods he works with, where they come from and then turns them into meals fit for any food lover.

Matt is a well traveled Master Chef, born in Minneapolis Minnesota and from the age of 14 worked in various restaurants in cities around America. After learning his skills from many fine chefs and the Culinary Institute of America in New York, he has traveled the world from Napa Valley, California, The Bahamas, Tokyo, Malaysia and Shanghai, where he is now based, sharing his experience and food delights to people that share his love for everything fine that tempts the taste buds. You can read more about Matt on his name sake website Matthew Ona, where he reveals his journey on following his passion and quest to learn, improve and understand more about the industry he loves.

I was lucky to have crossed paths with Matt in Shanghai and was able to bounce ideas of food products that I wanted to develop for an online grocery company whilst I was there. We’ve kept in touch over these years and when I found out about his Cut Concepts Video Series I asked if I could share them on my website, which he has graciously agreed.

The first video is his introduction on what he is planning for his series and he then goes into how he cuts and prepares an American Bonein Ribeye. The videos are short, sweet and to the point. I will add the videos when they come available and I hope you enjoy them.

The Cut Concepts Taste Map 5.0 Introduction by Matt Ona

American Bonein Ribeye by Matt Ona…

I hope you enjoyed the video and I will share more as they become available.


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  1. Matthew Ona says:

    Thank for sharing the video John. Can’t wait for the next few! Your website has so many great tips and tricks.

    • John says:

      Hi Matt, thanks for dropping by and glad you like my site. Yes look forward to more of your videos and just let me know when you release them and I’ll share with my readers. Stay safe and we’ll catch up soon. John

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