Beef Ribs vs Pork Ribs Cut And Cook Demo By The Bearded Butchers

Beef Rib and Pork Ribs Cutting Styles

Beef Ribs Vs Pork Ribs

Seth and Scott, the Bearded Butchers, have decided to explain the differences and similarities between the tasty and popular meat cuts that come from the rib section of the animals. They’ve put together a great video firstly showing where the beef and pork ribs are on the carcasses and how they are cut down and prepared the way you see them ready for purchase and cooking in your butchers.

They go through explaining and showing how different styles of cutting preparation can produce different items from the same first primal piece of meat. Seth does a side by side comparison of beef ribs and pork ribs showing that they are similar but have their own differences because of size and textures. The guys go all the way and perform a full on cooking demo with their friend Dan using their own Bearded Butcher Spice Blends, showing their techniques on how to deliver an incredible tasty cooked end product.

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American Bonein Ribeye By Matt Ona

Matt Ona American Bonein Ribeye

My friend Matt Ona, whom I was lucky to have met in Shanghai many years ago, has developed his own video series of how he prepares his culinary exquisite meals. His series is called The Cut Concepts in China, Taste Map 5.0… where he shares his knowledge on the foods he works with, where they come from and then turns them into meals fit for any food lover.

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Veal Meat – Lean And Healthy

Veal Meat- Lean, Healthy And Easy To Digest

By Photo: Myrabella / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Veal meat is another category of meat deriving from bovine. Bovine is the technical name for beef, cows and cattle. Veal is processed from the youngest cattle aging to around 20 weeks, but in some countries it can be even older, and also as young as only days old. Weights ranging from around 30kg up to 250kg and again, in some countries, mainly European, even heavier. As a butcher I tend to believe that any carcass heavier than 250kg is tending towards baby beef and leaving the veal categorization. But this is my opinion only. Continue reading →

Hindquarter Beef Primal Trimming

Hindquarter Beef Primal Cuts Trimming

I am adding a few videos of how to proceed with the trimming down of the hindquarter beef primal cuts so that they are ready for slicing, portioning and ready for cooking or sale to customers.

The videos are short and to the point showing how butchers in Australia prepare meat. The methods shown are pretty much the exact same way that I was taught and how I used to cut. Continue reading →

Forequarter Beef Primal Trimming

Forequarter Beef Primal Cuts Boning & Trimming

I am adding a few videos of how to proceed with boning and trimming down of the forequarter beef primal cuts so that they are ready for slicing, portioning and ready for cooking or sale to customers.

The videos are short and to the point showing how butchers in Australia prepare meat. The methods of breaking down the forequarter shown in this selection are different from the way that I breakdown but they still finish with the same results. Watching the videos I can say that I could use both methods. Continue reading →

Pork Ribs – What Are The Types?

What types of pork ribs are there and which one should I buy? This question was asked to me by a friend the other day so I gave him a bit of an explanation and decided to write an article all about ribs.

There are four main types of ribs that you will find in pork and everyone of them is delicious. They can be called different names in different countries but once you see a few pictures you will get the idea and understand each cut easily when you decide to go and find some for your next Pork Rib BBQ session. Continue reading →

Venison Carcass Breakdown Preparation

Venison Carcass Breakdown By The Bearded Butchers

Below I have added a video of Seth and Scott Perkins, the Bearded Butchers from Creston Ohio, breaking down, portioning and slicing a whole Deer carcass. These guys have a thriving butchering business where they supply the finest quality meats to their customers from a variety of meat types. They slaughter the stock themselves, cut and prepare for their customers and they also have their own brand of Bearded Butchers Spice Blend that home delivers across the states and internationally. Continue reading →

Vacuum Packing Meat Benefits – A Great Idea

When I was butchering we used our vacuum packing machine every day. We used a commercial grade chamber vac machine that was manufactured in Germany and cost well into the thousands of dollars. A lot of money some 25 years ago. In those days it was hard to find a good local brand in Australia, and to think of it, I don’t even think we had a manufacturer in Australia at that time. Germany was, and is still well known for building quality machinery but now you can get vacuum machines that are manufactured in many countries.  Continue reading →

Rabbit Meat-Nutritional With Healthy Benefits

Attribution Cayoba-Flickr

On a general note, rabbit meat is highly considered to be a vital source of protein with a low percentage of fat. The meat to bones ratio is one of the best yields when compared to other animals. In a rabbit’s body, twenty percent is made up of bones, and the other percentage comprises good wholesome meat. Continue reading →