Pork Ribs – What Are The Types?

What types of pork ribs are there and which one should I buy? This question was asked to me by a friend the other day so I gave him a bit of an explanation and decided to write an article all about ribs.

There are four main types of ribs that you will find in pork and everyone of them is delicious. They can be called different names in different countries but once you see a few pictures you will get the idea and understand each cut easily when you decide to go and find some for your next Pork Rib BBQ session. Continue reading →

Venison Carcass Breakdown Preparation

Venison Carcass Breakdown By The Bearded Butchers

Below I have added a video of Seth and Scott Perkins, the Bearded Butchers from Creston Ohio, breaking down, portioning and slicing a whole Deer carcass. These guys have a thriving butchering business where they supply the finest quality meats to their customers from a variety of meat types. They slaughter the stock themselves, cut and prepare for their customers and they also have their own brand of Bearded Butchers Spice Blend that home delivers across the states and internationally. Continue reading →

Vacuum Packing Meat Benefits – A Great Idea

When I was butchering we used our vacuum packing machine every day. We used a commercial grade chamber vac machine that was manufactured in Germany and cost well into the thousands of dollars. A lot of money some 25 years ago. In those days it was hard to find a good local brand in Australia, and to think of it, I don’t even think we had a manufacturer in Australia at that time. Germany was, and is still well known for building quality machinery but now you can get vacuum machines that are manufactured in many countries.  Continue reading →

Rabbit Meat-Nutritional With Healthy Benefits

Attribution Cayoba-Flickr

On a general note, rabbit meat is highly considered to be a vital source of protein with a low percentage of fat. The meat to bones ratio is one of the best yields when compared to other animals. In a rabbit’s body, twenty percent is made up of bones, and the other percentage comprises good wholesome meat. Continue reading →

A Review Of The KWS B-210 Countertop Model Saw

Commonly known as the KWS; Kitchen Ware Station Vertical Commercial Bone Meat Saw Machine, the product B-210 is ideal for all heavy-duty meat and bone cutting procedures. It is a machine with a lot of grunt and safety. Safety being a feature that is paramount and must be strictly adhered to as any mistake will cause serious injury when using any kind a cutting machinery.

It is used in butcher shops, delicatessens, domestically by home butchers and all other places where the need for cutting of meat and fish is a must. It’s saw blade has a length of 65” with a thickness of .02”. This machine can seamlessly cut through frozen meat, fish, bones and anything of about 6” thickness and a height of 7”. Continue reading →

Bison Meat-Healthy And Nutritious

Low in calories and tremendously nutritious, bison meat is very popular amongst health conscious meat lovers. Bison meat is nutrient dense the way red meat is but it is healthiness similar to white meat due to its fat and calorie content.

Bison meat is usually referred to as the meat of an animal that goes by the same name, but sometimes also called Buffalo but not to be confused with the Water Buffalo, which is another healthy meat variety. Continue reading →

Meat Home Delivered

I’m writing this article with the thoughts on how to help people find a realiable and quality meat home delivery supplier to get us through these lock down days because of coronavirus.

I already have a page for Online Meat where you can find my choices with Snake River Farms being my premium pick. Feel free to take a look and order from any of them as you wont be disappointed. Click Here to go to the page.

I have also had a quick search through Amazon and have found quite a number of other great quality suppliers. I have listed the ones that I think will satisfy every meat lover with a wide variety of great choices.

I hope you find them useful.

Continue reading →

The Kitchener Meat Grinder Review

The Kitchener Heavy Duty Meat Grinder.

For those that want to get their hands into making meat products at home, using quality ingredients is a must, but what about the machinery and tools? Quality ingredients and knowledge are one thing but also using great machinery and tools will just make the experience and job that whole lot easier and satisfying. For ease of grinding or mincing meat for burgers, sausages or meat loaf, there is a standout, quality yet affordable machine, currently $149.99… called The Kitchener Meat Grinder. Continue reading →

The Real Paddock To Plate

Paddock To Plate Beef With Provenir

With the trend of consumers across the World wanting to know more about where their produce comes from, the words above are used as a marketing phrase to get consumers thinking that their meat purchased is coming straight from the farm to the served plate in front of them. It has worked very well to give that feeling that the meat has passed through minimal hands and processes to be as natural as possible. Continue reading →