Ordering Meat On-line UK

Ordering Quality Meat On-line…

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For the meat lovers of the United Kingdom there are many outstanding on-line butchers shops that prepare and market top quality meats for your every day needs.

Below are a few stores that I have researched and from a butchers perspective have the goods that I am glad to recommend. They all deliver but you will need to register and fill out your details to become a welcomed customer. They all value your orders and custom and pride themselves with the artistry of their skilful trade of butchering and sausage making mastery. Feedback is always welcomed as butchers always strive to please their customers. 

The on-line meat stores below are by no means ranked in any order and all are the premium stores that I have researched. The meat products and items are what I would prepare myself and the are quality establishments.

Primal Meats

Primal Meats is the first on my list and are based in the beautiful Lake District. They work in co-operation with farmers throughout the UK that produce their animals to organic standards on a pasture based diet. They check with the Pasture Fed Livestock Association to ensure that farmers supplying the organic grass fed meats are regulated and produce genuine meats with complete traceability.

Organic Rolled Lamb Leg Photo Courtesy of Primal Meats

The range is incredible from beef, lamb, pork, chicken, free range goose and wild game. 

Once you register and become a member, you will  get preferential treatment when stock becomes limited, you will receive a weekly e-mail with informative articles, recipes and videos and have access to member only products.

Photo Courtesy of Primal Meats

Primal Meats have added a Monthly Surprise Meat Box for meat lovers who would like to try new meat cuts for adventurous cooking recipes. The box is available by a £100.00 subscription and automatically re-ordered, perfect for the forgetful shopper. Just another way to ensure you have top quality meats in your diet!

You will not be disappointed with Primal Meats quality and selections.

Rendalls Award Winning On-line Butchers   

Photo Courtesy of Rendalls Quality Butchers

Jason and Garry Rendall have opened a wonderful Meat On-line Ordering store with some excellent  Traditional Scottish favourites.

They have won countless awards for their home made Scottish Pies and in 2014 collected 5 awards from 7 burgers entered into the Scottish Meat Federation Burger Competition. That’s 5 out of 7. Pretty impressive.

They are always looking for new ideas and ways to introduce their produce to their customers, not only for retail customers but also wholesaling to some restaurants and hotels that have recognised the top quality products that the Rendalls produce. 

Monthly Bumper Meat Pack. Photo Courtesy of Rendalls Quality Butchers

Their beef and lamb are flavoursome and tender, raised on lush green fields and has the Protected European Originality which is well sort after by UK meat enthusiasts. Specials are offered all year round and the Variety Meat Packs selection is vast and very affordable. One of their favourites is the BBQ Banquet for 20 Meat Pack.

I like the comment they make “Try these and you’ll never buy anything else again, that’s a promise.”  That to me means they are very confident in their products. 

I am sure you will enjoy!

The Wild Meat Company

If you are sourcing Wild and Game meat items, them go no further than The Wild Meat Company. They carry Game Meats such as Wild Boar, Wild Rabbit, Hare, Venison and even Squirrel. Game Birds such as Grouse, Partridge, Pheasants, Wild Duck, Woodcock and Wood Pigeon. Poultry including Guinea Fowl, Goose, Quail, Turkey and Chicken. Free Range Meats from Goat, Lamb and Pork. 

The Wild Meat Company have their own on-line store where you can select your requirements and also provide cooking ideas for these unique tasting meats. They also provide their fine products to other stockist around the country with a list of where to buy on their website.

They have created a wonderful video showing the journey of their game meats from the fields to your door step.

Stuffed Pheasant & Quail Ballontine. Photo courtesy of The Wild Meat Company

 If you are searching for that exotic meal for your next dinner party, then why not try a Game Bird Ballontine. 

A Ballontine is a whole boneless game bird like a Pheasant for example and then stuffed with another whole boneless game bird like a Quail. Then rolled as a roast. The Wild Meat Company prepares a 2 Game Bird Ballontine and a 3 Game Bird Ballontine. A perfect party conversation topic that will really get the taste buds ready to start jumping around in your mouth. 

The Wild Game Company are certainly experts in their field.

These are just a few selection of on-line meat stores that I recommend. I will be adding other stores after I research or find some butcher shops that I feel are worth buying your meat on-line from. If you have any meat stores that you would like me to take a look at, feel free to drop me line in the comments box below. 

Happy meat buying on-line in the UK…

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