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Ordering Quality Meat On-line…

Ordering meat and food in general on-line in China has become easier and easier over the past few years. There are many food on-line stores popping up all over the net in China as the consumer in China have turned quickly to on-line shopping with gusto. In Shanghai you can even order a cup of coffee from Starbucks and have it delivered to you door in a very short time. Crazy but true.

There are many companies catering to an ever growing on-line ordering savvy customer and many, cater not only to the Chinese consumer but also have many language alternative websites to cater to the wide range of expatriate nationals  living and working in China. Not only has the World selection of products increased quickly but the delivery system has improved and continues to improve at a rapid rate, with delivery time slots starting from very early in the morning to very late in the evening to cater to the customers needs. Competition between on-line stores is fierce with everyone using very attractive value savings promotions to gain new customers and entice old customers to increase their purchases.

Ordering meat on-line in China has never been easier and many companies source their fine quality meats whether it be Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken or Marinated prepared meats from local producers and importers with meats from a wide range of Countries. The products are safely prepared with many companies employing professional staff that cut, pack and store the meats correctly.

Below is an on-line ordering and delivery company that I myself have used, and from a butchers perspective believe they have the meats and products that any customers would be satisfied ordering from. Click the link and browse the website if you wish to try.  You will need to register to commence your first order and they provide information for delivery. The customer service people are always available should you have questions or queries. 


A well stocked on-line store in China. Epermarket carries a large range of imported foods again mainly catering to the expat customer base. They also have language selections and are well respected amongst the expat community.  

Epermarket meat selection is impressive and the variety and range of sausages is great. Their selection of steaks are sourced from reputable suppliers and importers and also are cut, packed and prepared by professionals. 

Epermarkets website is beautifully presented and the choices of foods are a welcome to any customers looking for their favourite home missed items.

Premium on-line store...Epermarket

Ordering meat on-line in China from Epermarket will surely put you in the right direction for quality, well prepared and safe meats. I am happy to recommend and hope I have helped you find information that you are looking for. Feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts on meat on-line shopping in China…

Thanks John 

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