BBQ Pit Slow Cooking – The Pit Barrel Cooker

BBQ Pit Slow Cooking – The Pit Barrel Cooker

Today I am going to talk about the PIT BARREL COOKER. I came across the Pit Barrel Cooker when I was searching smokers and BBQ pit slow cookers for a friend. I was taken back to my younger days at learning and reading about this wonderful product. The idea and style brought back many memories for me as my mates and I have cooked many times on my Dads farm in South Western Australia on 44 gallon drums cut in half long ways and also drums cut cross ways and these types of old quick made up BBQ’s always produced the great rustic out back style BBQ that tasted fantastic. My mates and I have had more than a few BBQ and beers with our old 44 gallon drum. Continue reading →

Waygu Beef And Kobe Beef – What’s The Difference?

Waygu Beef And Kobe Beef – What’s The Difference?

Many people get confused and are fed mis-information about Wagyu Beef and Kobe Beef. So what is the difference?

Wagyu simply means  “Japanese cow”.  There are of several breeds of Waygu cattle including, Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Poll, and Japanese Shorthorn. Each have Ox-like structure and were originally bred for field work within the Japanese agricultural industry many years ago. Continue reading →

Best Knife Sharpening Tools…The Ones I Have

My Professional Knife Sharpening Tools…

If you’ve read My Best Butchers Knives post, then you might have a question about what are my professional knife sharpening tools? Below are details of the my butchers sharpening tools that I currently have in my work place. A Sharpening Steel and Sharpening Stone will last a long time as long as they are cleaned regularly and kept safely in a proper knife storage canvas roll. I have details of mine below as well.

My Sharpening Steel… Continue reading →

The Best Butchers Knives – My Choices

The Best Butchers Knives. My Choices…

The best butcher knives brands and knife sharpening steel choices I use as a butcher.knife-logo

When it comes to the best butcher knives, I have always used these 3 brands…

Victorinox butchers knives; Dexter Russell butchers knives and Wenger Swibo butcher knives

There are many varieties of butcher knives and each butcher has their preference. Some like slightly longer, slightly wider, slightly stiffer or flexible, curved blade or straight blade, smooth grip or rough grip. Even colour is a choice. Continue reading →

Rosewill R-HCO 15001 Infra-red Halogen Convection Oven Review…

Rosewill R-HCO-15001 Infra-red Halogen Convection Oven Review…

a great invention and a favourite of mine

If you’ve read my about me page, you would know that I am currently living and working in Shanghai China. My wife and I have been in Shanghai for some 10 years now and we live in an apartment on the 9th floor. There are many apartments that only have gas cook burners and not all have ovens. Ours certainly doesn’t.

One day I saw at a friend’s apartment, when we were visiting, a Glass Turbo Convection Oven, and she was cooking a roast for our lunch. I was hooked. It was so nice to have a wonderful Sunday roast Lamb with roast potatoes and onions. I was very happy and certainly had my fill. As soon as we went home, we went on-line and ordered one and we’ve never missed that great roast meal again. ANY TIME… Continue reading →

Cooking Perfect Steaks…My OK Method

How to Test Your Steak Is Cooked To Your Likeness..

Everyone has their own cooked steak preference. But if you are the cook, how do you keep everybody happy. “I like mine well done, I like mine medium to well, I want mine rare etc etc etc” If you want to be precise then you can use an instant read thermometer to take the core temperature or cut into the steak to see how things are coming along, but this will let out juices and moisture that we’d rather keep. Taking the core temperature is easy with a thick steak, but with a thin cut of meat, it’s difficult to get an accurate temperature read. Here’s a little trick I use that is easy and you can get your guests to decide their choice. That way you put the responsibility back on them.

I call it my “OK” method.ok sign Continue reading →