Cajun Chicken Breast Steak – With A Twist

Cajun Chicken Breast Steak – With A Twist

My wife loves to use Cajun seasoning in her cooking and the one that we use doesn’t actually have that spicy bite to it. I have prepared a Cajun chicken breast steak recipe with a bit of twist, and I’m sure you are going to love my idea of how you can serve it up as an appetiser.

Again, I use my McCormick Grill Mates Marinade as a seasoning base, as you all know by now that I am a big fan of their seasonings. Right, so here we go… Continue reading →

Brahman Bull Sells For $325,000-New Australian Record

Brahman Bull Sells For $325,000-New Australian Record

Now that’s a lot of bull right there…

NCC Justifies 2017

A Grey Brahman Bull bred by Brett Nobbs at his property Inverrio, 100 kilometers west of Rockhampton, Queensland Australia was sold at auction on the property for an Australian all breed record of $325,000.

There were many farmers and breeders that attended the sale with a high quality selection of stub Brahman animals on display but when Lot 37 came into the ring there were 2 remaining stud farmer breeders locked in a bidding battle for the highly prized 2 year old bull, NCC Justified. Continue reading →

Orblue Silicone Stretch Lids – Seal Freshness In A Bowl

Orblue Silicone Stretch Lids – Seal Freshness In A Bowl

I’ve gone a little off track today as I happened to come across these handy Orblue Stretchable Silicone Lids by accident that I highly recommend. I was fighting trying to cover some marinated meat in a bowl with glad wrap the other day, and trying to get it tight enough to stop leaking and keep it from drying out while marinading in the fridge, and just thought, “There must be a better way”. I then happened to come across an ad for silicone sealing wraps and I had to investigate. Continue reading →

Beef Schnitzel Recipe – By A Butcher

Beef Schnitzel Recipe By A Butcher…

Another one of my favourite meals with meat (I think I say this a lot) is the humble Crumbed Beef Schnitzel. My mum is an expert at making these and whenever we go over to my parents house for dinner, she always makes schnitzel or cotolette as they are called in Italian. (mum and dad were born in Italy in case you never knew). She knows these are a favourite of mine and, hey, everyone loves a crumbed schnitzel anyway. They are a great way to get children to eat meat as kids love the taste and crunch when they bite into them. Continue reading →

Lamb – Tasty And Full Of Nutritional Health Benefits

Lamb – Tasty and Full of Nutritional Health Benefits

Lamb is not only tasty, but also full of Nutritional Health Benefits. Here are some Facts…

Lamb meat derives from farmed domestic sheep. Technical category of Ovine or Ovis Aries.

Another red meat type which is high in protein and richer in iron than other meats such as chicken and pork.
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Korean Style Chicken Stir Fry Recipe-A Favourite Marinade

Korean Style Chicken Stir Fry Recipe – One of My Favourite Marinades

One of my most favourite marinades is the Korean Bulgogi. It is such aromatic and it leaves the air in the kitchen smelling fantastic. Bulgogi literally means fire meat” as the meat is either grilled, Bbq or cooked on a stove top griddle. These methods give a beautiful browned texture while stir frying stays a bit wetter but still tastes great. It works well for many meat cuts and meat types and I’ll get to some of them at the end. Continue reading →

Beef Bone Broth – Review by a Butcher

Beef Bone Broth made with Organic Beef Bones from Kettle and Fire

I came across a product a while ago and I’ve been meaning to let everyone know about this fantastic product called Kettle and Fire Beef Bone Broth made with organic beef bones.

Bone broth has become quite popular recently as more and more details on the health attributes of bone broth are being discovered by health nutritionist and foodies alike. It’s being hailed as a new super food but in reality bone broth has been around for centuries and used by nearly every nationality in some way or form. So really the knowledge of bone broth being a health food is not that new. The problem is, it can take so long to make a good decent batch at home. Well, along comes Kettle and Fire to make it all easy for you.

Here is a butcher’s hook (sorry, butcher talk)…Butchers Look at Kettle and Fire’s Beef Bone Broth Continue reading →

Himalayan Salt Block Cooking – Ancient Flavour At Home

Himalayan Salt Block Cooking – Ancient Flavour At Home

What is Salt Block Cooking? Himalayan Salt Blocks, Slabs, Bricks or Pink Salt Blocks,  as they are referred to sometimes, are an Ancient Salt Stone that are harvested from deep within the Himalayan mountain range of Pakistan. Crystallised more than 250+ million years  ago during the Jurassic Era, Ancient volcanic lava covered sea beds, protected the salt crystals from pollution and impurities for these millions of years creating a belief that the Himalayan Pink Salt is the purest untarnished salt, and rich in many trace elements to be found on Earth.

Himalayan Salt Block with holding tray

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Grass Fed Beef and Grain Fed Beef – What’s The Difference?

Grass Fed Beef and Grain Fed Beef

What is the difference?  Which has better nutritional values?  Is there a cost difference? What about the taste?

I will answer each question from a butcher’s perspective and explain details from my years experience in the meat industry.


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BBQ Pit Slow Cooking – The Pit Barrel Cooker

BBQ Pit Slow Cooking – The Pit Barrel Cooker

Today I am going to talk about the PIT BARREL COOKER. I came across the Pit Barrel Cooker when I was searching smokers and BBQ pit slow cookers for a friend. I was taken back to my younger days at learning and reading about this wonderful product. The idea and style brought back many memories for me as my mates and I have cooked many times on my Dads farm in South Western Australia on 44 gallon drums cut in half long ways and also drums cut cross ways and these types of old quick made up BBQ’s always produced the great rustic out back style BBQ that tasted fantastic. My mates and I have had more than a few BBQ and beers with our old 44 gallon drum. Continue reading →