• John says:

      Hi Eddie,
      Thanks for stopping by my website. I’ll give some approximations from research that I have done that I hope helps.
      From a Live Camel weight of 450kg an approximate 60% Cold Carcass Dressed Yield can be returned with a weight of 274 kg. Breaking down further into Primal Cuts with an approximate Yield of Muscle 52-57%, Bone 26-28%, and Fat 17-20%. Primal weights of approximate as follows:
      Neck 11.7kg
      Shoulder 20.4kg
      Brisket 21.8kg
      Rib 16.8kg
      Loin (including Tenderloins, Striploins and Cube Rolls 12.8kg
      Rump 8.3kg
      Plate 12.6kg
      Flank 5.2kg
      Topside 10.2kg
      Knuckle 9.4kg
      Outside 8.8kg
      Hump 17.1kg
      Total of 154.7kg
      These weights give a meat primal yield of 56.45%. Not withstanding that bones are also saleable products of around 20 to 26kg and then remaining fat as wastage and some cutting loss.
      The forequarter is significantly heavier than the hindquarter on a Camel.
      I hope these details help and feel free should you need more info.
      Regards John

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