The Real Paddock To Plate

Paddock To Plate Beef With Provenir

With the trend of consumers across the World wanting to know more about where their produce comes from, the words above are used as a marketing phrase to get consumers thinking that their meat purchased is coming straight from the farm to the served plate in front of them. It has worked very well to give that feeling that the meat has passed through minimal hands and processes to be as natural as possible.

Well in Australia just recently as of June 2019, the New South Wales state Food Authority licensed Provenir as the first and only mobile abattoir in Australia, enabling premium quality beef to be processed by one of the highest animal welfare systems in the world. Australia has now joined other countries like USA, UK, South Africa, Sweden and others with the mobile on farm slaughtering process to bring consumers the Real Paddock to Plate experience.

What this means is that beef can be slaughtered on the farm where the animals are raised, alleviating the issues of stress related to travel when transferred to a conventional slaughter house. With the livestock being less stressed the processed meat with become a better quality finished product with quality eating properties.

The dream has been a long 3 years of planning, designing, building, raising capital for the committed founders, Merissa Martinez, Christopher Howe, Phil Larwill, Chris Balazs and Jayne Newgreen. Provenir CEO, Chris Balazs stated that he always hated loading his livestock on the back of a truck after he had spent time getting them into top condition only to have them lose quality through stress from traveling for processing. He knew that there had to be a better way. Well the concept has now finally become reality and Provenir is up and running.

The licensing approval means producers, retailers, caterers and restaurateurs can provide consumers with meat from livestock that have been raised, finished and processed from the properties of participating producers…giving a true and real Paddock To Plate experience. Currently only available in New South Wales and Victoria through online ordering from their Provenir website and a few selected retail and restaurant outlets, the plan is to expand to other states as time and funding permits.

Using guidance from industry professionals and innovation the team have built the unit consisting of custom-designed mobile processing rooms, a truck carrying a portable cold room, a holding facility for the offal, hides and other waste, and another section for carrying portable yards. Once the slaughtering has taken place, the carcasses can be transported to the operation’s boning and cutting rooms for further storage and preparation, packaging and labeling. These buildings are also portable, which can be transported to the properties alongside the mobile abattoir, or the setup can also be positioned to a central location near to where a group of properties are situated for fast and efficient effective processing.

Provenir are building their brand with beautifully packaged beef for the consumer that not only pays awareness to healthy delicious meat, but also each portion has an added qr code that is packed with information on the animals welfare, full tractability and with a story and information of the farm and farmer where the particular meat has come from. As trending is showing, people do want to know this information and the technology allows for the consumers to learn and become informed on their foods production and processing journey. On the Provenir website they have a great FAQ section with further information should people have other enquires.

Provenir wish to expand and grow their operation and currently are raising funds through Pozible projects crowdsourcing funding They wish to raise further awareness and education to people and farmers that there are alternatives for the handling and processing of livestock for the fine product of beef. Anyone can participate and there are rewards available for funding received. Feel free to take a look if you are interested from the link above.

As a butcher I am always on the lookout for great innovative and ideas for improvement or enhancements on an industry that has allowed me to create a great and fulfilling life. The team at Provenir have shown that with commitment, hard work and patience, their dream of providing healthy, delicious beef from well treated animals can be possible. Their own belief “that there is a better way” has become reality and check out the Provenir website to learn more about their commitment and promise guarantee of…

  • Highest Welfare
  • Processed on Farm
  • Full Tractability and True Provenance
  • Grass Fed and Free Range
  • Exceptional Eating Quality
  • No Added Hormones, Herd Antibiotics or Intensive Feedlot

Smart people using innovation to bring a better quality eating experience for meat lovers with moral care.


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