Is It A Burger?

As a butcher I follow the news and going ons of the meat industry as I have mentioned before.

Image from Impossible Foods

I came across an article from Australia’s ABC Foreign Correspondence reporting on the Impossible Burger that can now be purchased from Americas Burger King fast food chain. Reporter Craig Reucassel purchases the Impossible Burger and an original Whopper Burger to give them a side by side taste test. I won’t write too much about it as I have a link to the story and videos of Craig’s tasting result and further details from his reporting.

You can visit the article here… Impossible Whopper’s plant patties taste almost like real meat — and that’s worrying cattle farmers.

The story goes into details of the costs and some necessary ingredients needed for producing plant based protein products. You may be surprised at what you hear. These products are gaining a foothold in the food industry and meat producing organisations are taking serious notes with concerns on how these meat substitute products are going to affect their businesses.

Another great article that goes indepth with explanations is The Complete Guide to Plant Based Meat and Meat Alternatives. A very well written article with great information.

I have another article on the legal battles that are taking place on the usage of the word “meat” to describe the new protein based products with comments from both sides of the industries giving their reasons.

I won’t write anymore and recommend taking a look at the Foreign Correspondence story on Australia’s ABC, that gives a bit of an insight on what’s happening in our food industries for the our eating future.


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