Rabbit Meat-Nutritional With Healthy Benefits

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On a general note, rabbit meat is highly considered to be a vital source of protein with a low percentage of fat. The meat to bones ratio is one of the best yields when compared to other animals. In a rabbit’s body, twenty percent is made up of bones, and the other percentage comprises good wholesome meat.

The meat of a rabbit has loads of healthy and natural benefits wherein concentrated nutritional value is fixated on 20% protein and fat of 4%.

A kilogram of the rabbit meat has about 350 calories with the meat being highly rich in vital vitamins such as, vitamin B12 and other nutrients including:

  • Iron
  • Selenium
  • Phosphorus
  • Niacin
  • And a small amount of sodium

The meat is low in fats when compared to other meats and low in lipid as well.

As meat that is rich in proteins of roughly 21 grams, its low calorie benefits and lower sodium content than other meat varieties, rabbit meat makes a great addition for a balanced diet.

Rabbit meat is an ideal source of minerals, vitamins and trace elements which can be added to a healthy diet and meet our everyday dietary demands. It has a great balance of fatty acids and adequate fat content although the fat content actually relies on the type of cut.

The meat from rabbits does not have very much flavor and people often compared it to chicken but they are far from being identical.

Another not very well known fact is, that rabbits are among the most productive domestic livestock in the world. They can generate about six pounds of meat on the same amount of water and feed that it takes to produce one pound of beef. This means that rabbit meat production is economical and helpful in sustainability for our planet.

Health Benefits Of Rabbit Meat

It is vital and useful for pregnant women

Pregnant women are advised to eat meals that are not only healthy but also meals that are swift to digest. They need meals that are nutritionally rich for the babies’ growth and rabbit meat is an excellent example of meat packed with needed minerals, proteins, and vitamins.

It is suitable for pregnant women as the fiber is simple to digest and easy to chew and also it has a pleasant taste as well.

A perfect protein to help obesity and keep slim

Rabbit meat contains a very high proportion of protein with an extremely low-fat ratio when compared to other kinds of meat. Proteins are basically vital and essential processes in a person’s body.

Rabbit meat is a good source of protein especially for those who are struggling with weight issues and are serious in the business of slimming down hard.

For patients suffering from hypertension

Rabbit meat is helpful for people who suffer from HBP (high blood pressure). Since rabbit meat comprises a tiny amount of sodium and fits into a balanced diet perfectly, the vital nutrient ratio is the ideal food to help those with HBP.

Heart diseases

The meat is also suitable for patients with heart problems as well. This is because it is free from cholesterol that is harmful to cardiovascular health. This makes rabbits meat good for individuals suffering from heart-related problems.

Now, What Are The Nutritional Benefits Of Rabbit

Some other nutritional benefits of the rabbit meat include:

Calcium. The meat keeps our bones and teeth healthy as it contains high percentages of calcium. Calcium is a very vital element in the formation of the bones and teeth of humans.

Potassium and magnesium. These are two vital elements that have a crucial role in the maintenance of a healthy nervous system, and they strengthen our immune system as it protects against a possible stroke.

Zinc. Meat from rabbit works to power our sexual health as it entails zinc. This helps to keep women protected against infertility issues and in turn increases the sexual potency for men.

Iron. Rabbit meat contains a high amount of iron that can eliminate anemia problems and because of the high iron content, it is a very vital component for hemoglobin found in our blood.

With these elements, rabbit meat helps to build and strengthen our muscles tissues and keep the body healthy.

Some Suppliers Of Rabbit Meat

In the USA my recommendations…

Wellness Meats

Fossil Farms

In the Uk…

The Wild Meat Company

In Australia…

Pronto Butcher

Yarra Valley Game Meats

All of these companies deliver but some only locally. As rabbit meat is becoming popular you can easily ask your local butcher to source for you.

Rabbit Recipes

I have found some excellent websites with plenty of delicious tasty rabbit recipes. The selections and variety are simple and easy to muster up and I’m sure you’ll find the one to satisfy your taste buds.

Culinary Ambition, Rabbit in Mustard Sauce

Morning Chores with 31 Delicious and Easy Rabbit Recipes You Need to Try

To Wrap It Up

Rabbit meat has turned out to be among the highly rated meats accepted in Europe over the past few years. The knowledge and study to realize that rabbit meat contains low fat and is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals has left it to be a welcomed part of their diets. The rest of the world are slowly but surely catching on about rabbit meats benefits.

Basically, eating one rabbit is the same as eating two fully grown chickens due to the protein proportion in the body. When compared to other meats, rabbit meat may be a little more expensive, but you will definitely get bang for your buck when measured in healthiness.

Having an added meat alternative to your diet with all of these benefits surely needs to be considered when we want to keep our bodies healthy, full of energy and happy.


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