A Review Of The KWS B-210 Countertop Model Saw

Commonly known as the KWS; Kitchen Ware Station Vertical Commercial Bone Meat Saw Machine, the product B-210 is ideal for all heavy-duty meat and bone cutting procedures. It is a machine with a lot of grunt and safety. Safety being a feature that is paramount and must be strictly adhered to as any mistake will cause serious injury when using any kind a cutting machinery.

It is used in butcher shops, delicatessens, domestically by home butchers and all other places where the need for cutting of meat and fish is a must. It’s saw blade has a length of 65” with a thickness of .02”. This machine can seamlessly cut through frozen meat, fish, bones and anything of about 6” thickness and a height of 7”.

The KWS B-210 offers users with the best, simplest, swiftest and highly accurate cut slabs of meat with its 20”x 15” bench or also called table-top. The table-top provides users with a huge stacking space so items can be moved around easily and safely. The table-top is made of a very high-quality stainless steel and confirms to the standard of international sanitation and CE approved.

With the body made of aluminium, and this ensures one of rugged durability in a comparative construction that is actually lightweight. Furthermore, the saw blade of B-210 is made of sturdy steel that offers a firm and highly durable utilization.

A great feature is that the motor is fixed in a different compartment which makes cleaning very easy and simple. The saw also has an in-built waterproof device for safety and if for any reason the doors suddenly open the machine will immediately stop working. These are great safety factors for a machine that can cause injury very quickly in a mishap. This machine is made to last.

Features Of B-210…

Some of its unique features include but not limited to:

• Easy to clean and also easy to operate

• It has a voltage of 110/0Hz

• The electric input is 1900W, and the output is 650W

• Free Italian made band saw blade with initial purchase.

Cleaning The Meat Saw With Ease…

Sanitation is highly vital when one is dealing with issues relating to meat. Cleaning is an important part of the job and sometimes very mundane. Whenever I look at machinery or tools for my meat cutting tasks I always consider how easy it will be to clean up.

Some models come with unique attachments that make cleaning and removal of the blade easy to do. To carry out this chore easily, the user should note the number of knobs and screws that need to be removed before cleaning. With the B-210, it is very easy and simple to clean as the saw blade is easily removed and then after scraping the bone dust out, a cold water rinse and then using a strong bristled scrubbing brush with hot soapy water and rinsing, the saw is ready for next use. Just how I like it.

Blade Sharpener And Size Of Blade…

Majority of the meat slicers rated among the best all come with this intriguing feature. Some also come with in-built blade sharpeners. The sharp blade of B-210 is thick and cuts through frozen meats, fish and bones very easily.

A blade with a diameter of 7-9” is regular for lighter uses, while those with a diameter of 9-14” are for commercial and practically heavy usage. The blade tension is easily adjusted to keep the blade performance at its peak at all times with the way the saw is designed.

To Wrap It Up…

Whether you need a saw for home or your small business, the KWS B-210 Meat Saw Model is the ideal equipment to go for if you want to save cost, need speed and high efficiency. The design is made for optimum cutting accuracy and although a technical machine, it has features that ensure high safety when used correctly and is made for easy and quick cleaning. All great attributes for a solid, quality built piece of machinery.

I hope you have found my review helpful and for even further details, visit Amazon to checkout the KWS B-210 Countertop Saw.

Regards John

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