Beef Bone Broth – Review by a Butcher

Beef Bone Broth made with Organic Beef Bones from Kettle and Fire

I came across a product a while ago and I’ve been meaning to let everyone know about this fantastic product called Kettle and Fire Beef Bone Broth made with organic beef bones.

Bone broth has become quite popular recently as more and more details on the health attributes of bone broth are being discovered by health nutritionist and foodies alike. It’s being hailed as a new super food but in reality bone broth has been around for centuries and used by nearly every nationality in some way or form. So really the knowledge of bone broth being a health food is not that new. The problem is, it can take so long to make a good decent batch at home. Well, along comes Kettle and Fire to make it all easy for you.

Here is a butcher’s hook (sorry, butcher talk)…Butchers Look at Kettle and Fire’s Beef Bone Broth

Name: Kettle and Fire Beef Bone Broth


Product: Beef Bone Broth

Health Benefits: Yes, many

Frozen: Never, always fresh and shelf stable

Taste: Excellent smooth and rich

Uses: Many as you will discover further down

So let’s break it down then.

The Product…

Kettle and Fire’s Beef Bone Broth is made with these quality sourced ingredients:

  • organic bones from pasture raised, grass-fed cows

    Organic Beef Bones

  • organic carrots
  • organic onions
  • organic celery
  • organic bay leaves
  • organic parsley
  • thyme
  • rosemary
  • apple cider vinegar
  • black peppercorn
  • sea salt

Once collected cleaned and prepared the ingredients are combined with water and slow simmered for 20+ hours, the traditional way. An important point here is that the selections of bones used are not just any ordinary bone. The selection of organic and hormone free marrow, knuckle and patella bones have a higher concentration of white and red stem-cell levels as well as greater amount of collagen. Most of the ingredients used are organic and natural without any additives or preservatives added.

Health Benefits – Bone Broth Nutritional Facts…

Why is bone broth so healthy?

Bones that are cooked for lengths of time get broken down and release COLLAGEN from the raw material structure. Collagen is packed in bone broth and is important for healthy strong bone, tendons, ligaments and flexibility in our bodies. When people feel joint pain coming on a good dose of bone broth will ease the pain and help get the joints back into good shape. I remember my grandmother and mother always getting a broth soup when they felt a joint pain appearing and serving it up in a soup at evening dinner. Smart athletes have bone broth as part of the diet to keep those flexible joints strong.

As well as collagen, bone broth has important proteins like amino acid proline and glycine which both help produces the collagen and also help build muscle tissue. The glycine helps to convert glucose into energy as well. Minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium from the bone breakdown are part of the nourishing elixir.

Here are some other attributes…

  1. Joint health…helps rebuild tendons and ligaments which can decrease inflammation hence decrease joint pain
  2. Skin health…helps promote healthy skin elasticity, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, helps wounds heal faster and help reduce the aging of skin from damaging sun
  3. Hair and nails health…collagen helps to strengthen finger nails and keep hair healthy
  4. Gut and Digestion…two amino acids, glycine and glutamine are in large quantities in bone broth and these help maintain the integrity of the bodies intestinal walls which can prevent the illness of leaky gut
  5. Muscles health and Energy booster…with the extra amino acids glucose conversion enhanced, the broth can give the body more energy and makes muscle fibers rebuild quicker to become stronger. Great for body building.
  6. Stronger Immune System…helps strengthen the immune system for a healthier body.

Overall, start taking bone broth for a healthy body and general well-being. You can’t go wrong.

Never Frozen…

Always fresh and never frozen. The broth is traditionally slow simmered for 20 to 24 hours and then packaged hot in an aseptic vacuum environment. This process allows for no pathogens in the packaging room and by using this procedure the spoilage is zero giving the product an extended shelf life of up 2 years when stored at room temperature. Once opened store in the fridge and it will be good for 7 to 10 days. Superior packaging means no preservatives no additives and low sodium. The box packaging is also eco friendly as it can be recycled and is biodegradable.

Taste – An Obvious Important Point…

Most bone broths can be salty with strong and intense tastes but Kettle and Fire’s Bone Broth has a rich, smooth savoury flavour. Delicious just heated through on a stove top in a saucepan. Athletes and everyday joggers drink bone broth to give them energy and also keep their bodies in check as they know the benefits. Great to have as a snack instead of a coffee or a juice. A cup will really fill you up and stop the craving for munchies.

So How Can You Use It?

Well, athletes, joggers and everyday people drink it straight from a mug. Adding a dash of salt and pepper or even a squeeze of lemon, to a warmed cup is a great substitute for a coffee or cup of tea. Have it every day.

Here are some other uses.

  • Stocks or broths…use it for soups
  • Stews and casseroles…add a cup to enhance flavouring
  • Gravies for roasts…when you use the roast juices just add a small amount to give the gravy an even richer and silky texture. Sensationally delicious.

    3 Soup Bases

  • Soups…turn the stock into a base for a beef bone broth soup
  • Marinading…now this is a butcher’s twist and my favourite. When you make your next marinade which has water or wine, halve the amount and replace the rest with bone broth. The broth will help thicken the marinade naturally when you cook the meat and intensify the flavours of the other ingredients.
  • Seasonings and Rubs…for seasoning rubs, add a little beef broth and mix the rub into a paste and then massage onto and into the meats. I have injected the flavour seasoned broth mixture into the meat muscles and then roasted the piece. When the cooking is done, the juices with a dash of gravy make a fantastic sauce. Hmm, my mouth is watering just writing this. For some of my own marinade and seasoning recipes click here. Just substitute the liquids or add a small amount of beef broth to the recipe and try them out.
  • Basting…here is a tip for you that I use. When I BBQ I get a cup half of wine and half of beef broth. Mix it well and then break off a branch of rosemary and use it as a brush. I dip the rosemary branch into the wine and broth mixture and baste the steaks or chops or roast while they cook. Keep basting and brushing liberally until you’re ready to serve. Try it yourself and let me know.

Now these are a few uses and I am sure you can think of a few more.

Here’s a simple healthy bone broth recipe…


One of my mum’s Italian style recipes. A restaurant master piece.

1. 10 Thin sliced Beef Eye Round Steaks.

2. 2 Medium sliced Onions

3. Plain Flour

4. 1 Cup of White Wine

5. 1 Cup of Beef Broth

6. Frying Pan with a Lid

7. Cooking Oil for the pan

1. Coat the Scallopini sliced steaks in flour.

2. Heat cooking oil in frying pan until hot.

3. Add steaks to pan and brown on each side.

4. Once the steaks are browned turn heat down to simmer and sprinkle the sliced onions over the steaks.

5. Pour White Wine and Beef Broth over the onions and steaks and place lid on and let simmer on low heat until onions become soft and translucent. Approx 15 minutes.

**The Flour, Wine and Beef Broth will make a tasty Gravy Sauce. Great to serve with mashed potatoes or spiral pasta.

My Butcher’s Final Thoughts on Kettle and Fire’s Beef Bone Broth…

We all want to eat and stay healthy as best we can and by now you might realise that beef bone broth is probably one of the jam packed natural vitamin liquid pills we should be consuming. But hey, we don’t have the time to source, clean, prepare, cook and hang around the stove for 20+ hours to do it right. Well Kettle and Fire have done it all for you. Top ticked quality, full of healthy vegetables and certified organic superior beef bones that are simmered the traditional way, packed with up to date first class food safe technology delivered right to your door with the simple click of your mouse.

Get your nourishing nutritional regular order by subscribing on the Kettle and Fire website here.

With a monthly subscription you can get 20% off. You can change or cancel anytime with no hassle no commitments. Some people say it’s not cheap but you know what, it’s no different than what a cup of coffee cost at a coffee shop. The one main difference is that it is a hell of A LOT HEALTHIER. Here are what some of Kettle and Fire’s very satisfied customer are saying and you can see more on Kettle and Fire….

Darcy Crary

Love the broth

I use the broth in all my cooking. I’m not a broth drinker, tho I know I should! The broth taste good enough to drink!

Gloria Hinton


I love how you package it! Very convenient. Opens easily and tastes great. I drink it every day for my morning snack.!!

Darlene McHale

Best and easiest bone broth

Truly the tastiest and easiest grass fed bone broth! Love to heat up in the afternoon when feeling a little hungry and it totally is satisfying!
And good for you!!

3 Variety Packs

Oh and just wanted to inform you, Kettle and Fire don’t only make Beef Bone Broth, they also have available Chicken Bone Broth and Mushroom Chicken Bone Broth but as you know, I’m a beef man so my review is on the beef. Feel free to use the others just the same as you would my recommended beef broth, you’ll be happy with the results.

Do your body a favour by adding those important nutrients that we need every day and I am sure your general well-being, achy joints, skin and hair will thank you.


I hope you enjoyed me review and hope I was able to pass some knowledge onto you. Please feel free to drop me a line in the comments box below and tell me of your experiences using bone broth. I would love to hear from you.

All the best John


  1. Dave says:

    Wow, I never knew something this delicious could have so many great benefits.

    I had a friend of mine recommend it to me but I have been trying to avoid since I don’t love trying out things at that very moment I am told of them.

    But after reading this, I am surely going to give it a try and see how it will help with my gut and immune issuse. Also, I will definitely use your mum’s recipe.

    Thanks a lot for taking me into it. 🙂